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Is the ladder easy to use ?


Yes the ladder is easy to use, I will give you a full demonstration once installed.


Can the loft access be moved?


Yes I can move to any location once I have carried out a survey.


Will the carpets be covered ?


Yes the carpets will be fully protected whilst the job is being carried out. I will also clean after job completed.


I have pets is this ok?


Yes as long as they are contained in a different room, due to safety reasons.

Do I need to give you a deposit?


No deposit is required, full payment is on completion of the job once you are satisfied.



Do I need to empty the loft?


Yes if possible, unable to empty the loft then dependant on the survey a small charge may apply .


How long does the job take?


The average timescale is about a day, this is dependant on the amount work required once I have completed the survey.


Are you fully qualified,is your work guaranteed and insured ?

I have been a joiner for over 30 years,all my work is guaranteed and insured.Recent references are available on request.

     I am not responsible for removing waste,such as packaging,plaster board,timber offcuts etc.Most customers are happy to do a tip run and all waste is put into rubble bags.If there is a lot of waste then it is advised that a skip is hired.

Any question please do not hesitate to contact me

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