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Aluminium Loft Ladder

Top quality 3 section aluminium loft ladder with a hand rail.

Package deals available from £140.00


When I install the youngman 3 section aluminium ladder, I cut your existing loft hatch door to the correct size, which will then be hinged to enable the loft ladder to be lowered when pulled down with the pole (supplied). I will also fit a catch that will secure the hatch door when closed. It can be with either a timber or upvc hatch. For the upvc hatch see the video


An additional cost - This may occur if the loft hatch door is unable to be hinged, this can be for a variety of reasons for example, the door is less than 18 mm thick or is an unsuitable material.




All carpets are fully protected and cleaned after the job is completed.

This is a video  showing how easy the youngman 3 section alluminium loft ladder is to use.


This has been installed with a UPVC hatch.

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