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Loft Ladders
Loft Hatches

Youngman 2 section alluminium ladder



Youngman 3 section aluminium ladder


Youngman deluxe alluminium ladder suitable for cielings over 2800mm.


Fakro timber ladder 


Large Timber hatch with pine lining,solid ply door,door stop, metal hinges.

800mm x 600mm

Highly recommended.



Replacement of UPVC hatch

"push up type" to a new swing down type


18 mm Tongue & groove chipboard flooring supplied and fitted with sub frame .

100 sq/ft or 3m x 3m, equivalent to 12 boards fitted with 2ft by 4ft p5 chipboard sheets.


Prices are calculated per board and sub frame including labour.

ask for details.


All carpets are fully protected and cleaned after the job is completed.

For more information and package deals

please call for a free quote


Pendant ,100 watt led bulb and switch located near to hatch.


Two  lights  £100

 5ft LED strip light,armoured cover with diffuser.


 Two lights  £150




 Shelving .


 Replace hangers.


Remove old hach and make

good for plasterer.

 Install new insulation.

Install breathable membrane.

Remove debris, soot and mortar.

New hatch door

      Ask for details

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