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Timber Loft Ladders

The Eco S Line is a 3 section folding timber loft ladder with an insulated draught proof hatch:


  • Tested and certified to EN 14975:2006

  • Requires no arc of clearance or storage space in the loft

  • Made from solid spruce – FSC and PEFC certified

  • White faced trap door

  • Rubber draught excluder on casing and trapdoor

  • 30mm thick trapdoor insulation reduces heat loss

  • Handrail to aid safe climbing

  • Slip resistant treads and feet

  • Easy operation; includes timber pull and push rod

  • Full installation instructions included

  • Extension kit available




£425 (supplied and fitted)

All carpets are fully protected and cleaned after the job is completed.

The video above is a recently installed youngmans timber loft ladder. 



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