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The lighting options available is an angled pendant with a 100 Watt bulb, or a florescent light (different sizes available)


The switch is located in the vicinty of the loft entrance . It is then wired into an exsisting lighting circuit.

Hand Rail

If you have difficulty entering the loft I can install hand rails to enable easy access,they can be either timber or plastic.

Sub frame

If your loft insulation has recently been installed, this may rise above the existing joist's, therefore I recommend that the new flooring to be raised above the insulation via a sub frame to allow for the height of the insulation.


The subframe will also help to strengthen the attic floor and help to distribute the weight more evenly.

Ceiling Joist Hangers

A loft joist hanger will help support your ceiling over a large area. Joist hangers may need to be replaced as they may be damaged or old.



Foil Membrane
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